Why become a Specialized Substance Abuse Professional?

  • Many graduates go on to work at treatment centers, schools, hospitals and for private practice
  • When you graduate a Psychology Degree program, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you gain the prerequisites necessary to pursue a wide variety of specialized counseling careers, including but not limited to*:
    Labor Statistics Possible Occupation Outcomes* BLS Salary Information
    Substance Abuse Counseling $45,000 avg. salary
    Community Health Workers $41,000 avg. salary
    Marriage and Family Therapist $41,000 avg. salary
    Rehab Counselors $33,000 avg. salary
    Social Worker $44,000 avg. salary
    Career Counseling $53,000 avg. salary
    Mental Health Counseling $41,500 avg. salary
    Professional Counselor $69,280 avg. salary
  • Build the necessary foundations to learn how to HELP people with:
    • Substance Abuse Addiction
    • Child & Spousal Abuse Victimization
    • Mental Illness & Behavioral Disorders.
    • Career & Education Guidance
  • Become someone who is " In Demand " ** in a growing field of todays economy.
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