Registered Nurses (RNs) and those who possess a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) have very different training and perform different tasks.

In order to become a BSN, candidates first must earn their RN. Becoming a Registered Nurse involves completing a two-year program and passing the NCLEX exam. Once a candidate has earned their RN, they can choose to enter the workforce or continue their education toward earning a BSN. RNs are responsible for the direct care of patients and will work as part of a medical team charged with patient care.

Earning a BSN can take one to two additional years of schooling. BSNs have greater latitude in how they may use their degrees. They can choose to perform the same tasks as an RN, or they can opt to work in public health or as a nurse educator.

Registered nurses earn an average of $65,470 annually, while BSNs can earn upwards of $75,000 annually.

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