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There are several professions within the law and legal fields, and each requires a certain level of education in order to practice in that field.

One of the most popular careers in the law and legal profession is that of lawyer. Lawyers must complete seven years of a post-secondary education, followed by passing a bar exam before they are able to practice law. Four years of undergraduate study and three years of law school is the standard. The American Bar Association requires all lawyers to receive a Juris Doctor, or J.D. degree, from an accredited law school. Accreditation is awarded only by The American Bar Association.

Another popular career within the law and legal fields is that of paralegal. Paralegals assist lawyers in the preparation process for court cases and other legal services provided to clients. A two-year associate degree is all that is required to work as a paralegal. For some, becoming a paralegal is a stepping-stone toward earning their law degree.

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