Medical Billing and Coding

Even in dire economic times, jobs within the healthcare industry continue to boom. According to data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3.2 million new jobs are expected to be created within the healthcare industry by 2018.

Among the top-ranked jobs in the healthcare industry is that of medical billing and coding. Demand for trained professionals in this field is expected to increase by 20 percent over the next decade.

Medical billing and coding are two separate tasks that often are performed by the same person. Medical billing requires training in health insurance policies and claims submissions. Medical coding involves assigning codes to medical services rendered by a healthcare provider. Those codes then are used for billing purposes and medical records.

An associate degree generally is all that is required to work in medical coding and billing. Community colleges and technical/trade schools provide the training required to earn an associate degree. Both traditional and online options for schooling are available.

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