Health Services

Health Services Managers are the people responsible for supervising all aspects of a health services agency.

They are charged with planning, directing and coordinating medical and other healthcare services for patients. Health services managers may be tasked with supervising an entire medical facility, or manage a group of physicians or medical providers who are in private practice. They must keep abreast of changes to healthcare laws, regulations and technology used in the healthcare industry.

Among the duties health services managers fulfill is improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare services, creating work schedules and managing employees, communicating with medical staff and maintaining organized records on the services offered by the facility they manage.

Some jobs within the industry require only a bachelor’s degree; however, because this is a management role, most positions are requiring a master’s degree in order to work in the field.

Demand for health services managers is expected to increase by 23 percent over the next decade, according to data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average annual salary for this career is $88,580.

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