Engineering (General)

Engineering is a branch of science and technology. It makes use of the pure sciences, including physics and chemistry, in the design and construction of engines, structures, vehicles and other devices.

There are over 29 engineering disciplines, including electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering.

In each of these disciplines, engineers are tasked with designing, developing, testing and supervising products specific to their field. Electrical engineers, for instance, would be responsible for electrical equipment and a civil engineer would oversee the design and construction of buildings, bridges and other structures.

At a minimum, a bachelor’s degree is required to work in an engineering field. Some engineering jobs require a master’s degree, while those who wish to teach engineering in a post-secondary school will be required to earn a doctorate degree.

Job growth for engineers depends on the discipline, with computer engineers and nuclear engineers currently in the highest demand.

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