Teaching Mathematics

The list of mathematical excuses is endless.

Writers often joke they went into their profession because math was not their strong suit. Others may rationalize that they are not a “math person” and will not need it for everyday purposes, so what is the point in mastering it?

Then there are those who live and breathe math. It is an obsession they wish to share with others and find applicable ways to use it in their daily lives. For those who fall into this category, a career as a math teacher may be a good option.

For most mathematical teaching opportunities, the minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required. Most undergraduate degree programs in math include coursework in algebra, geometry, statistics, the history of math, teaching methods for math and adolescent learning in math subjects.

Some math teaching positions, such as those with a college or university, may require a master’s degree or doctorate degree.

As with other teaching professionals, math teachers will be required to earn teaching certification in addition to a formal degree prior to working in the industry.

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