Elementary Education

American essayist, poet and lecturer Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that “knowledge exists to be imparted.”

A quality education is just one way to provide students with the kind of knowledge and learning opportunities of which Emerson often spoke. Studies have indicated that inspiring and motivating children at a young age to embrace the process of learning is most beneficial to creating lifelong learners.

It is a great responsibility, therefore, that has been placed on elementary school teachers and administrators, who often are the first experience many children have with the educational process.

Elementary school educators must possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in elementary education in order to work in the field. Teaching certification also is required, and the process for obtaining certification varies by state.

Common coursework for elementary educators includes classroom management, curriculum and instruction, educational assessment, special needs integration and the social aspects of education. Elementary educators are expected to be able to teach all disciplines, so they will receive a well-rounded education in the language arts, math, reading, social sciences, science, physical education and social studies.

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