Distance Learning

With technology readily available today for use in the classroom, some find it astonishing that distance learning has actually been in practice since the early 1700s.

In those days, distance learning did not involve a computer or other personal electronic device and high-speed internet connection. It involved the usage of the postal service – a slow and tedious process that required incredible patience.

Fast-forward to the 21st Century, and distance learning is more of the norm than the exception. Many students are opting to take courses through distance learning. Those who choose distance learning and online learning options may do so because they do not prefer a traditional classroom setting, or they are working professionals who require the flexibility online learning provides.

There are many job opportunities within distance learning, including for teachers and technicians who maintain the equipment necessary for distance learning capabilities. Teachers require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and valid teaching certification in order to work in the field. Technicians can require between two and four years of schooling.

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