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A quality education must first start with an excellent curriculum. The person in charge of drafting and updating a curriculum is called a curriculum director.

Curriculum directors examine textbooks for use in the classroom, spend time writing new curriculum and rewriting and revising existing curriculum and keep abreast of state and national education standards that will affect the kind of information and materials being presented and used in the classroom.

A large portion of a curriculum director’s job involves meeting with other administrators and teachers to determine if the curriculum is suitable or in need of adjustment. Another duty involves reviewing textbooks to determine if they are out of date; assessing where new textbooks are needed; working with textbook sales representatives; and providing training in the use of new textbooks and classroom materials for staff.

To work as a curriculum director, a minimum of a master’s degree is required. Most master degree programs focus on professional development strategies, issues in education, educational psychology and curriculum in relation to culture.

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