The best product or service in the world doesn’t have a chance at success on the market if no one ever hears about it.

Marketers are the people who create the advertisements and promotions that help to generate consumer interest. Catchy ad campaigns, slogans and product branding are all tools marketing professionals use to help their clients get their products or services noticed.

Creativity and ingenuity are among the characteristics needed to work in the industry. Candidates who posses those skills – as well as a degree in marketing – are attractive to a variety of business and industry.

Because marketing is an important component of virtually every business on the market today, jobs in the field are plentiful for those with the proper education and training to fill them.

Education Requirements

Careers in marketing are both challenging and rewarding; however, due to the nature of the industry, they also can be stressful and fast-paced. The ability to keep a cool head and work under tight deadlines is a necessity when working in this field.

There are several degree options available for those interested in a career in marketing.

An associate degree will take two years to complete and is offered through many reputable programs both online and in traditional settings. Coursework in an associate degree program will introduce students to the basic principles of marketing, including how to conduct an advertising campaign, product branding, public relations, communications and management. Some entry-level jobs are available to candidates who possess an associate degree.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing is the gold standard for the industry. This four-year degree builds on the basics taught at an associate-degree level by providing a more intensive study of each of the categories of a marketing education.

Master degree programs in marketing tend to focus on management skills. Candidates who earn a master’s degree will be eligible for jobs as marketing or advertising/promotions managers and other positions which are charged with the supervision of an entire marketing division. Salaries in the six-figure range are not uncommon for candidates who possess master’s degrees in marketing.

Doctorate-level degrees are available, and will focus on the disciplines of marketing management problems in relation to customer satisfaction. Candidates who possess a doctorate degree in marketing can work as marketing researchers, or can teach marketing at a collegiate level.

Future Outlook

According to information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for qualified marketing professionals is expected to grow by 13 percent between now and 2020. Demand for marketing managers is estimated at 14 percent.

The average annual salary for candidates with an undergraduate degree is $34,000. Candidates who possess a master’s degree or higher can expect to earn between $108,000 and $115,000.

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