International Business

There was a time when the only business conducted by merchants was the kind that could happen within a few square miles of their physical location.

But with the internet making it easier than ever for businesses to attract customers from around the globe, there is a growing need for professionals trained in international business practices.

Individuals who choose this career path should possess certain qualities, including excellent communication skills, a broad understanding of business practices, good managerial skills and a solid grasp of the social, economic and political paradigms of other countries.

Education Requirements

There are a variety of online and traditional programs that will prepare candidates for a career in international business.
An associate degree in international business will take two years to complete and will touch on the basics of business. Offered at most community colleges, technical/trade schools and some colleges and universities, coursework will focus on the global economy, economic/political/social paradigms of foreign countries, problem-solving skills, communication and management skills.

A bachelor’s degree in international business will take four years to complete. Students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in international business can expect to learn about business, hospitality and tourism, economics and international relations/diplomacy.

A master degree program in international business is ideal for those who wish to focus on the management aspect of the field. Coursework will focus on specialized training designed to assist students in securing management positions at companies with international business ties.

Doctorate degree programs in international business are available, but generally are not needed to work in the industry. Those who wish to teach international business at the college level will be among those required to possess this advanced degree.

Future Outlook

A degree in international business is versatile and opens the door to many career options. Among the most popular career tracts for those who have earned a degree in international business includes accountant, international economist, international banker, international management analyst and international import/export specialist.

The average annual salary for international business workers is between $62,000 and $130,000, according to data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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